Hybrid Electric Technology

Toyota Hybrid Electric technology has powertrain components that work in harmony and eliminate many of the components found in a conventional powertrain. Fewer moving parts means less wear and tear, fewer parts to replace and lower maintenance costs. This vehicle is designed to build power in a smooth, linear fashion that’s effortless, drama-free and easy to modulate.



Toyota New Global Architecture

A new car-making philosophy, which breaks the mold of conventional thinking, and takes a fresh look at ‘Making Ever-better Cars’. It is aimed at enhancing fundamental vehicle performance through enhanced powertrains and platforms, while enabling attractive styling. .



More Grace

Experience a world of unparalleled elegance with the Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric. The exterior of the Corolla Cross isn’t just a sight to behold, it’s a testament to a new standard of style. With its sculpted body and striking presence, this remarkable vehicle fulfills all offerings that a premium class vehicle should offer from stylish alloy wheels to powerful LED headlamps, sturdy roof rails, and much more. .


MORE Comfort

Step inside the Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric and discover a world of redefined comfort; it’s the very essence of the interior. From the seamless push-start ignition to the luxurious Terra Rossa seat covers that are the epitome of comfort, this vehicle is designed to simplify and amplify your life. The 9-inch floating display and powered seats are more than just features; they serve as your partners in your day-to-day routine. Additionally, with ample luggage space, this vehicle ensures that every journey is made more convenient.



MORE Excellence

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with the Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric. This vehicle is driven for such excellence that can transcend you to the future. With the power + kick sensor, loading and unloading has become effortless, and hill assist, CVT, cruise control, traction control and VSC provide an advanced and convenient driving experience.



MORE Safety

Safety* is a fundamental commitment in the Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected with 7 SRS airbags placed all over the vehicle to provide ultimate safety against certain types of crash. The built-in blind spot monitor, parking sensors and RCTA keep you safe on the roads, while the seatbelts and child restraint system keep you and your loved ones safe inside the vehicle, making every journey peaceful.

*These safety features are subject to the terms outlined in the owner’s manual of the vehicle.



MORE Colors

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Experience the splendor of the Corolla Cross in high definition